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I am not trying to judge anyone that's not who I am... 3 months ago I was renting to this guy for 350 a month when we first met he said he had a job he had food stamps and he was very respectful and honest and trustworthy but by the second month I started noticing every time I saw him he was either sleep on the couch which wasn't a problem or he was in the bathroom several hours at a time or he was gone to his friends house to hang out as he say as time went by I started finding orange caps all over my bathroom my living room where he was sleeping in the kitchen and outside I didn't know what they were at the time so I kind of just ignored it then I started noticing my spoons were disappearing so I ask him did he know where any of the spoons were and he responded and said no he don't but oh yeah I think there's one or two in the couch so as I counted the ones that I seen in the drawer it was only two spoons left later on that day he handed me two spoons when I grab the spoon I took them to the sink and my I caught the back of the spoon and I realized my spoon was burnt but then I thought maybe it was just really dirty so I went back to the sink and try to wash it off it did not come off the other spoon was okay after so long every spoon disappeared in the house I started to ask but didn't want to ask the expecting so I ignored it and waited until he spoke up but he never did when I asked again later on down the line if he knew what happened to the spoons this time he told me no he don't know where all the spoons went a week later after the spoons disappearing I asked him what were all the orange tops about he told me nothing so I started watching a little closely because he was renting from me at times and different days he would come home would have blood between his forearm crease and half the time when I talk to him it looked like he was falling asleep standing up so I can't watch it closely he was thin three to four hours in the bathroom after coming out the bathroom he will sit on the couch until he fell asleep he never cooked himself a meal at all he told us he get food stamps but will always go out to the food bank and bring one to two boxes home we have food stamps he started eating out food and didn't care and usually when I walk through the living room it smelled awful and bad like body odor very bad body odor after so long I guess he got careless and didn't care but he started leaving loaded heroin needles around my house where I could see them when I gave him a warning it was pretty much him apologizing said it won't happen no more but then it happened more and more and I started seeing more and more needles now I'm all about respect and I don't judge anyone but that's one thing I don't do is put up with someone doing illegal drugs in my house and then refuse to stop doing it in my house after I asked them to when he first came here I told him 420 friendly and that's it besides light drinking at times I will come home or come out my room and he will have two or three other friends and they all will be sitting in my living room doing heroin or smoking meth my point to everyone is beware of this guy and who you rent to because it could be someone that doesn't care about your house I know he didn't care about our house as he tried to damage it when he was around he's a very messy guy once again beware I'm not going to say a name but you will find out when you meet him I know this is a long post but thank you for reading I'm just warning everyone beware
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